2019 Was A Year of “Upskilling”

This past year CHC Training focused on upskilling. What is upskilling? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, upskilling is “the process of learning new skills or teaching workers new skills.” In today’s marketplace, upskilling is crucial to keep up with the latest developments in a career field.

CHC Training introduced upskilling as an investment in workforce/individual development and as a proven way to combat ongoing labor shortages. During the year we worked with thousands of companies to define how upskilling could support their cultures of safety and innovation. As a result, individuals from many companies attended class after class to learn new skills, even when it was not required by their employers.

As we close out the year, CHC Training continues its efforts to make upskilling easier than ever. Every day our certifications become more valuable as we add multiple state and federal accreditations. We’re nearing our goal of uniting the asbestos, lead, and hazard safety industries by having the world’s most-accepted accreditations.

We Practice What We Teach
Upskilling is not only something we teach, it’s something we do ourselves. It’s a part of our culture. Our team of experts spend a minimum of two days a month increasing their skills. This includes attending industry conferences, visiting jobsites, performing building inspections, or taking classes. Just like our alumni, we value learning and crave any opportunity to advance our skills.

Even though 2019 is nearing an end, we are as determined as ever to support your quest for innovation and growth. With classes available 24/7 online or live in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming, you can trust that we have the upskilling solutions that support your goals and missions for years to come.

Thank you for your support this past year. We look forward to continuing to meet your training needs next year and beyond. To stay up-to-date on the latest news and information from CHC Training make sure to connect with us on Facebook and Linkedin or subscribe to our newsletter.

Danaya Benedetto, Co-Founder & CEO

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