2021 and Beyond: What You Need To Know

No doubt we’ve all had some obstacles to overcome in the past months, as things slowly come back to resemble normalcy, we at CHC Training are happy to continue to offer our students, clients and partners all the support we can in our industry now and tomorrow. 

You are our #1 priority! 

It’s clear the new norm in Environmental Safety training is accessible and on-demand compliance classes, the highest integrity, multi-state licensing and the most up to date solutions. Here at CHC Training we are proud to go beyond the basics to offer the best training options for you.

When safety is one of your organization’s top goals and core values, you can count on us. We provide the highest level of expert training and the most practical knowledge for your students when and where you need it most. 

One of the ways CHC Training goes beyond the basics is through our extensive approvals offering Multi-State Licensing. Why is having Multi-State Licensing so important in our industry today? Saving time and money, CHC Training’s certificates are valid in more states and approved for licensure by more regulatory agencies than any other competitor! This means that taking one class with us covers your licensing and work needs in multiple areas, and we are adding more approvals constantly. No longer confined by state lines, you are now able to train once, saving both time and money, and adding value to your certification! Want to bid on a project in Alabama? No problem, you’re covered. Want to offer inspection services in Michigan? Your training is good for state licensure! One class, multiple uses. 

Our Guarantee

Don’t just take our word for it!  If we list our certifications on the website as being accepted by a particular state/agency and the state/agency does not accept our certificate, the student will be eligible for a full refund for a period of 30 days past certification issue date.

Another trend that is becoming crucial in our industry is modernization and a move towards the future of trades learning. Our industry is becoming younger and more diverse. Keeping up with the status quo is not an option, we must be at the forefront of innovation of training, accessibility and compliance. When you partner with CHC Training, we promise to help you stay updated and compliant. 

One resource we added last year was a monthly message from our CEO, Danaya Wilson to help our students, clients, partners and subscribers stay up to date with all the latest that is going on in our industry. If you want to get access to this resource be sure to sign up for our newsletter.  

We Make the Complicated Simple

We know regulatory compliance and safety adherence are imperative to your company. As your trusted experts, we provide the industry’s largest, 24/7 classroom-to-field support. What you need, when you need it. Our accredited expert resources make training with us your competitive advantage!

Courses By State

At CHC Training, we offer training certification options for every US state and territory. Specific validity and regulations vary.

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