6 Key Industry Benefits CHC Training Offers

We are wrapping up the first quarter of 2021 and our Beyond the Basics series. If you missed January and February’s blogs, you can catch up here.

Here’s what we’re excited for in the upcoming quarters: 

There have been a lot of changes to Colorado’s Regulation No. 8, while we are working on navigating and advising on the new regulation, we have released a quick guide to help. Watch for changes coming to our Live/Classroom and Live-Remote curriculums including adding spill delineation modules to the AMS!

Following in line with the recent dust lead hazard level lowering from the EPA, we are updating our training curriculums to match. As the states move into compliance with the new standards, we will continue to update and advise, as necessary. 

We are seeing a lot of advancement with more remote and distance learning options coming available to the industry. Most recently, CHC Training just received approval for the award-winning Asbestos Supervisor Refresher, Asbestos Worker Refresher (Spa. coming soon), Asbestos Management Planner Refresher, and Asbestos Project Designer Refresher courses from Missouri. Adding to the already 22+ states and territories where our certificates are valid, we are continuing to provide you with more bang for your training buck!

To recap our final segment of Beyond the Basics and Why CHC Training:

6 Key Industry Benefits CHC Training Offers

Inclusion: Everything we do takes into account all our stakeholders, from our students, clients, partners to state agencies. Everything and everyone go into consideration when we release new classes, incentives or programs. 

Affordability: We pride ourselves in providing you with affordable solutions for all your environmental training needs. We typically offer costs 20% less than the national average and you have our guarantee that our students are our priority. Plus with our InCircle Rewards program you get additional savings.

Instructors: CHC training is the only organization where the curriculum instructors are not in competition with the students in the field. This provides an open communication environment where our students get the value they need to succeed in the field.

Students: Our students are our family, their success is our number #1 priority and the reason we are in the business. Our student’s success is our mission. 

Award Winning: a 2018 Brandon Hall Group and 2020 Colorado Companies to Watch winner 

Alliance: CHC training is proud to offer an alliance with our of Premiere Partners for clients, students and industry partners to grow their business with our resources.

CHC Training offers a comprehensive approach with ongoing cutting edge resources, we are the “Go-To” for student’s success for the lifetime of their career. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news to come. 

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