About CHC Training

CHC Training is the go-to source for expert environmental training offered in both online and live classroom formats.

All courses were designed by instructors and course developers using a learner-focused approach, which means you get a useful, and more effective training experience.

Operating under a different company name, CHC Training has been teaching in Colorado and Wyoming since 2007. 

In 2015, CHC Training Founders, Dan and Danaya, decided to revolutionize the environmental training industry by completely redesigning antiquated OSHA and EPA curriculums to be more student-focused and modern.

This innovative approach resulted in the creation of highly interactive online and live courses.

These courses emphasize the practicality of federal and state regulations for the hazardous material and construction trades.

CHC Training is known for their innate ability to meld regulatory guidance with engaging, responsive modules to effectively prepare students for their careers. In every class, students receive current, real-world customized content that they can take out of the classroom and into the field, guaranteed.

Our Vision

We set out with the vision of creating a resource that was customized to better meet the training and certification needs of environmental and vocational industries. Our vision was to build a facility and web presence where learners and expert instructors can collaborate, discuss, and engage. CHC Training offers solutions where students can ignite their passion and explore their interests.

It is our mission to push past the industry standard and provide environmental and occupational training that is convenient, innovative, and compliant. At CHC Training you will experience; classrooms that are not in warehouses but in climate controlled environments (or even your home), expert instructors that provide practical applications, interactive self-guided content, and technology that allows you to learn anywhere, anytime.

Recent Accomplishments

  • CHC Training is the only company with approval from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to hold lead abatement and assessment courses in compliance with Regulation No. 19.
  • We were one of the first companies to obtain EPA accreditation to offer courses under the Renovation, Repair and Painting program in 2010.
  • We are the largest environmental training facility in Colorado!
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Meet Our Founders

In one word, Danaya Wilson and Daniel (Dan) R. Beaver are pioneers!

The founders enjoy new challenges and are constantly working towards increasing CHC Training’s accreditations and course listings.

CHC Training Founders

Danaya Wilson

Co-Founder & CEO
Training Program Manager

Danaya was raised in the environmental industry. When Dan, her father, was working for Denver Public Schools, she remembers frequenting the educational facilities with him and following around in awe. She started working for Dan’s first company, Colorado Hazard Control, in 2007 after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing from the University of Colorado. Danaya held many roles within the company including Marketing Manager, Project Manager and Corporate Branch Manager, but it was her role of Training Program Manager that excited her the most. There was just something about having a part in helping students discover new ways of working that ignited her passion for instruction and course development.

In 2015, Danaya graduated from Colorado State University with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, with an emphasis in Online Course Development and Instruction. She began to work on a website that would host online environmental training courses without losing the magic of live classroom events. CHC Training was born shortly thereafter.

Daniel (Dan) R. Beaver

Training Instructor

With a strong desire to offer efficient and compliant training solutions, the foundation of CHC Training was a natural step for Dan. He has always believed that through training, awareness is created and the first step to ending the presence of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead and mold is taken.

Dan is experienced in environmental abatement and training in private and public sectors. He began in construction and moved to managing the Environmental Division for Denver Public Schools, where he worked for 14 years. Upon leaving the school district, he accepted senior management positions with two of the largest abatement companies in the Colorado market. The positions included Senior Project Manager, Safety Director, Division Manager and Branch Vice President encompassing 10 additional years of experience.

Since 2006, Dan has been a Managing Member of our sister company, Colorado Hazard Control. Under his leadership, the company has grown to remove over 6 million dollars’ worth of hazardous materials annually. Dan sits on the board of the Colorado Environmental Professionals Association (CEPA), and is known in the industry for his unwavering compliance to regulations and safety specifications.