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At CHC Training, we are passionate about asbestos training, and keeping you safe when working around asbestos. We're proud to do our part in helping protect workers through our extensive series of asbestos training and asbestos removal certification classes.

When it comes to asbestos, we want to ensure that workers are equipped with the knowledge and training they need to stay safe on the job. And we aim to make that training as easy and convenient as possible.

We've been conducting asbestos training for over a decade. We have more than 20 asbestos courses available (see the full list below). These include our Asbestos Abatement Worker class as well as courses designed for Building Inspectors, Supervisors, Management Planners, and Project Designers, among others.

We also offer the five-day (40 hour) NIOSH 582e course, which fulfills the asbestos regulations for Sampling and Evaluating Airborne Asbestos Dusts using the NIOSH 7400 Method.

Our asbestos safety classes are licensed by both federal and state environmental agencies.

In addition to in-person training, we also offer some of our asbestos certification training online.

And we have some asbestos classes in Spanish, too.

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About Us

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CHC Training (CHC) is a Colorado-born, women-owned business providing occupational and environmental training and enterprise risk management solutions to a wide range of industries including environmental, abatement, restoration, construction, education, facilities management, and governmental. Nationally we are a WOSBE and locally (Colorado) we are a SBE, EBE, WBE and DBE.


CHC holds accreditations, licenses, and/or approvals from Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Nevada, Tennessee, Utah, Wyoming, Utah, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). CHC Training is on Colorado’s Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) and holds a GSA contract.

CHC received the Brandon Hall Group bronze award for Excellence in the Learning category: Best Advance in Compliance Training.