The Industry is Changing and We’re Making it all About You!

A little over 5 years ago CHC Training in Denver started a journey into innovation for our industry. Today, more than ever CHC understands the industry is rapidly changing and that is why we are making it all about you; our students, alumni and clients. 

CHC founders Daniel and Danaya had a dream of breathing innovation in an antiquated industry. They knew that through hard work and dedication, they could craft a learning experience that was aligned with today’s busy lifestyles, that was  accessible 24/7, and fully compliant. 

CHC Training set out to create a space where learners could freely explore and connect with students who they never were able to before. We genuinely believed there was a better way for the environmental health and safety training world to catch up with our ever changing markets.  

Today, as we look back at how far we have come, from offering 2 online classes to now, over 40 (and award winning!) classes, we are humbled and grateful. Today is all about you; our students, alumni and clients. CHC Training wants to say Thank You! Thank you for believing in us, thank you for trusting our new technology. Thank you for taking your first online refresher with us. You took a chance on our dream and we want to show our gratitude.

As we continue to grow together, changing the way our industry learns and connects CHC Training promises to provide innovative and current curriculums. Imagine classes  where the content and lessons are highly up to date, relevant, compliant and different each year! Our courses offer an industry hub for open learning and conversation not limited by classroom walls or by location. This year we have had students from all over the world. Our goal is to continue to evolve our innovative technology and our global presence. 

To get you more involved in our innovative efforts, we’ve also added a monthly digital message from the CEO focusing on what you want to learn about and how we can provide more valuable resources to you and your teams.  

Every month Danaya Benedetto will be sharing insights on our industry’s evolution. As the CEO of North America’s most trusted environmental health and safety training company, she understands how fast  our industry is evolving with the global disruptions and her goal is to keep CHC Training at the forefront of our new future. This newly added communication with you is to keep you in the loop and to help us give you exactly what you want to know from our perspective, locally and nationally.

This year we are also offering what we hope to be an annual Thanksgifting! Through the end of the year, you can get our best-selling online AHERA refresher classes at a 50% discount. And the courses purchased between November and January will have until the end of March to start their 30 day access!

Visit our website for our fall sale details and to join our new monthly communication. 

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We know regulatory compliance and safety adherence are imperative to your company. As your trusted experts, we provide the industry’s largest, 24/7 classroom-to-field support. What you need, when you need it. Our accredited expert resources make training with us your competitive advantage!

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