Beyond the Basics: 3 Ways CHC Training Exceeds the Standard

Why beyond the basics? 

At CHC Training, we understand our students are the cornerstone to our success. Our student-centric approach continues to be of utmost importance. 

3 Ways CHC Training Exceeds the Standard

  1. We are 100% invested in our student’s success with a certification they can be proud of to do the best job. CHC Training is proud to work with regulatory agencies before creating new courses to ensure we provide the highest standards in the environmental and safety industry and do our best to be pre-approved at a multi-state level. 
  1. CHC Training is proud to continue to add fresh, new and relevant content to their curriculum. Stay ahead of the curve with industry trends, solid proven experience and a commitment to innovate in the environmental and safety training industry. This past year we added a message from our CEO newsletter dedicated to industry trends, be sure to sign-up for our newsletter to get the latest news. 
  1. We are the only training company in the industry where students have access to expert teachers at the top of their field and who are not their competitors. Why is this important? Students feel comfortable sharing and asking the questions they need to know to get the best results and do the best job. 

Industry Insights 

This year’s already bringing some exciting news to our industry. 

In December the EPA announced a change affecting lead activities; the pending final rule will lower the clearance levels for lead abatement projects. This is a long time past due, as the CDC lowered the blood lead level of concern in 2012 and then in 2017 HUD lowered the clearance levels and dust lead hazard standards for two specific grants. This was followed by a 2019 change (effective January 2, 2020) from EPA lowering the dust lead hazard standards to match the HUD levels. Leaving the clearance standards at the original levels added a lot of confusion. 

CHC Training is excited to see an alignment in standards from both the EPA and HUD, which will aid in the public staying below CDC blood lead level of concern. 

We are seeing some recent movements in large scale enforcement. 

In other news, “Home Depot to pay $20M fine for lead paint violations” as reported by Fox Business. We continue to see that training and compliance are key to reducing risk and liability. Just one more reason I’m proud to stand behind our philosophy to go beyond the basics.  One of the violations charged to Home Depot was the failure to adequately train their contractors and employees. 

Our EPA-approved RRP Certified Renovator Initial class is perfect to get into compliance, formatted for large and small businesses alike. You can find our class schedule HERE.

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