Changing the Focus: How Working Backwards has Altered Abatement and Construction Curriculum Design

Before considering entering the eLearning market, CHC Training focused on our ethics and corporate responsibility. Simply creating online versions of our curriculum due to convenience was not enough. We wanted to create a digital classroom that added value in a way that was both different and better than within a live setting. We committed to building an eLearning classroom that was going to solve industry problems, focus on the uniqueness of the learner, and yes, provide the student a more convenient alternative to a traditional classroom setting.

If one thing could be said about the team at CHC Training, it is that we have always been and remain deeply passionate about education. Pairing our love for learning and teaching within our curriculum designs has resulted in an exciting transformation of the current content available to the skilled trades industries. Our approach has enabled us to not only improve our existing live courses, but to also create online classes that are able to satisfy the needs and wants of convenience, as well as the preeminent value engagement and comprehension provide; compliance!

Our process of redesign, something we call the utilization of “Main Point Analysis,” takes the often technical, bureaucratic, and antiquated concepts of government designed regulations and curriculums, and re-designs them using an injection of modern technologies. We start with identifying and verifying the core student objectives which must be relayed in a succinct, distilled manner if students are to be successful, and finish with a complete re-alignment of training materials and course curriculums to meet these goals. Keeping the end goal(s) in mind, we work backwards and build our curriculums to make the student’s goals attainable.

Our approach asks not only what knowledge and processes the student must leave the classroom with, but also asks how the concepts can best be presented to ensure student engagement and retention. For students whose goal is the practical application of classroom knowledge in the field, our approach is a breath of fresh air as the utilization of Main Point Analysis cuts through dense government regulation and provides students the must know information to achieve day-to-day success and compliance on the jobsite. With a 95% student success rate over the past 18 months, CHC Training is positioned to change the landscape of risk management and construction training, offering a solution better fit to the needs of the student and the industry.

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-Danaya Benedetto, CEO & Co-Founder

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