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Students benefit from our advocacy and updating around Colorado’s new Asbestos Regulation 8

A common misconception that people have about asbestos is that its use was banned entirely in the United States, end of story. It’s not that straightforward, however. Safety standards and regulations are consistently under review and being revised on a state-by-state basis. 

CHC Training is the nation’s leader in environmental training programs. As such, we stay active and involved with the asbestos regulatory process in order to keep our community of safety professionals up to date. 

An example of our advocacy work is on Colorado’s Regulation 8, which implemented changes in March of 2021. We were part of the change, every step of the way.

Advocacy on Colorado’s Asbestos Regulation Process

Throughout the past two years, 2019 to 2021, CHC Training leadership met with regulators and stakeholders. We shared our insights and concerns about asbestos and its use and handling in a variety of environments. 

We were actively involved at a series of hearings, where we presented information and advocated for several needed changes and advancements. CHC Training was integral in achieving the acceptance of virtual options for asbestos certification renewals. These virtual renewals are leading the industry and streamlining the recertification process, improving access for license approval. 

Colorado asbestos regulation

Your Source for New High-Quality Training Programs and Regulation Manuals

As one of the most trusted environmental trainers in the country, we pride ourselves on creating and maintaining the best regulation manuals and courses across various fields. 

The recent changes in Colorado’s asbestos regulations prompted us to develop a clear, understandable, and easy-to-reference guide, titled “Colorado Reg. 8 Changes Quick Guide,” which is available to the public on our website as well as on the Colorado Environmental Professional Association website. Our goal was to simplify the changes in the new regulations and distribute this information publicly. 

In addition to creating a quick reference guide, CHC Training also developed a self-study online test-prep kit to help students prepare for the CDPHE exam. This kit includes everything you need to know, including all relevant materials, a comprehensive study guide, and a practice exam, to help you deepen your knowledge about the new regulation and pass the related exams easily and confidently on the first attempt. 

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Alerting the Professional Community

Sometimes it is challenging to stay on top of all the changes within the environmental safety arena. Our goal was to alert the professional, regulated community about the Colorado Regulation Number 8 changes. 

To achieve this, we provide new regulation manuals, both hardcopy and digitally, in all our classes. We also offer, free of charge, review sessions where students can discuss these changes and how their work processes would be affected.  

All of the trainers at CHC Training were trained on and well versed in the changes prior to the regulation’s active date. Our trainers have complete comprehension of the new regulations as well as the old guidelines. This allows them to help new students learn current protocols and help previous students recognize the differences between the old and new, thus passing on their accurate, current industry expertise. 

Asbestos regulations

Regulatory compliance and safety adherence are imperative, and it is essential to stay up to date with policy changes. We at CHC Training are your trusted experts. Count on us to provide what you need, when you need it. Please get in touch if you have any questions about the new Colorado Regulation 8 changes. 

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