“Crew Raiser” Program Donates Training to Newcomers to the Industry

Crew Raiser - Building Teams, Building Careers

When we have empty seats in entry-level training programs, we turn them into opportunities to build crews and careers.

December is a time to look back and reflect on the impact we’ve made over the past year – not only in business but also in contributions to our community. The impact we’re most proud of at CHC Training in 2021 has been the growth of our Crew Raiser program. 

Creating Free Opportunities to Newcomers in Need

How does Crew Raiser work? We’re here to create opportunities for newcomers to the industry, from all backgrounds and regardless of circumstances.

So, whenever we can host an extra seat in an in-person initial asbestos training, we’ll post it on our Facebook page. We encourage our network of current students and alumni to share the post with a friend or family member who is interested in entering the profession but unable to pay. We’ll do our best to get them into the class and arrange employment opportunities with top abatement companies in Colorado, free of charge.

The free training includes AHERA tuition, a Qualitative Fit Test, ½ face respirator and a set of cartridges, hardhat, safety vest, safety glasses, and the $125 CDPHE fee for a worker ID. CHC Training will connect new trainees to top employers ready to hire on the spot! 

Addressing the Labor Shortage with Motivated Workers

Another benefit of maximizing the capacity of our in-person training classes by giving away extra seats is that we’re helping to build the labor force. As most of us – especially employers – know, the pandemic has exacerbated an already-tight labor market. The industry of environmental safety training faces challenges with recruiting the next generation of skilled labor. New talent is in constant demand.

We aim to alleviate the bottleneck of training by granting access to courses to highly motivated newcomers. That’s where the name “Crew Raiser” comes from. Projects need skilled crew members, and prospective workers need low-cost and no-cost training. This program bridges that divide. 

Success Stories from the Field

To date, CHC Training has put three students through Crew Raiser, free of charge. Two students, Naveah A. and Jesse J., completed the Asbestos Supervisor Initial Training course in October and have already gone to work on a crew together in the Denver area. Another student, Eric M., completed the Asbestos Supervisor Initial Training course in September and has already launched his career in the field as well. Eric was hired on the spot and is making between $24 – $26 an hour. Eric told us he saw the Crew Raiser opportunity on CHC Training’s Facebook page at just the right moment when he wasn’t currently employed. He is grateful for the opportunity in an industry with high wages and continual work. He hopes others can take part in the program just like he did. 

Another inspirational story comes from one of our expert instructors, Matthew Valdez. He found his way into the industry through a friend who paid for his initial training course. In the fifteen years since then, he’s been a field chemical technician transferring hazardous chemicals from rail cars, an asbestos supervisor heading various projects from small-scale residential to large-scale industrial, and a consultant for an environmental firm. He has over four years of experience as a CHC Training instructor, with expansive multidisciplinary expertise. Now, imagine if his friend had not given him a hand up with that initial training course! We’d like to help our students’ friends and family in a similar way. 

Do you have a candidate for Crew Raiser?

During this holiday season of spending time and connecting with friends and family, spread the word about your career in environmental safety. If you know someone who might be a good match for Crew Raiser, get in touch! We’ll do our best to qualify their need and match them with a training opportunity. Let’s build this industry together!

Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and #crewraiser which is where we post new Crew Raiser training opportunities as they arise throughout the year. 

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