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We are located at 1775 West 55th Avenue, Denver, CO 80221.

Yes, we will schedule and arrange any of our classes to be held on your schedule (pending regulatory review and approval). We charge an additional $25.00 per person fee for emergency classes (without 10 business day notice) and we need a minimum of 5 students to hold courses at our Denver location.

Special Requests

Yes! We are available to train at our office in Denver or at any other facility of your choosing. We require a minimum of 5 students for our Denver location and 10 students for offsite/client facilities.

Yes! Just ask us before you register and we will give you the discount code!

Online Courses

Please bring a current photo ID to both online and live classroom courses. Please also bring your last year’s certification and payment to the live classroom if you did not complete your registration with us. CHC Training will supply all course materials (manuals, handouts, regulations), pens, notepads and highlighters.

Live classroom students: Homemade pastries, coffee, soda, water and many more treats are served at every class.

Online course students: Course books and handouts are available for download through Canvas LMS. Upon request, course materials will be shipped via FREE ground shipping before the course begins. Discounted overnight and 2-day shipping is also available for an additional fee.

CHC Training takes a learner-centric approach to course development and instruction which means you can select which medium is a best fit for your learning style. Our live classroom courses are taught in a climate controlled environment that is tailored to your comfort and to meet your needs. The classroom size varies between 5 – 18 students and is taught by a specific assigned and local instructor. Live classroom courses are ideal for students that prefer human interaction, lecture styled instruction and live group participation. They are also great resources for discovering local industry trends.

Online classrooms are ideal for students that prefer to learn interactively, remotely and self-guided. They are also great resources for interactive course models that cannot be found in live classroom settings (think completing a virtual asbestos building inspection and report!) as well as learning more about national industry trends. Online courses are not guided by the instructor, rather the contact with the instructor can be made through an internal chat feature.

Both online and live classroom courses will require the same amount of learning time, as per applicable regulation.

Email Support at or call (855) 60-CERTIFY (602-3784) as soon as possible.

Please give a reason for not being able to finish the class and we will respond with the next steps. As long as less than 50% of the class is completed, we are able to offer a refund. Please refer to our Refund Policy for more information. Additional 30 day time blocks can be purchased for $10.

Acceptance varies by state and by certification. On each course page, we have state acceptance listed, additionally, we have a comprehensive license page here: Many states and federal regulatory agencies have a list of approved training providers on their websites. Verification of applicability is the student’s responsibility as many agencies change regularly. Classes that carry national approval include; Awareness level classes, Silica Competent Person, Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Initial and Refresher, Epidemic/Pandemic Response Contractor, Coronavirus Cleaning for the Contractor, OSHA/HAZWOPER Courses, First Aid/CPR/AED.

Welcome! Do not worry, online training is new for our industry so many students find that they are taking their first online class with CHC Training. You are in good company! The first thing to remember is to be patient. Learning a new technology takes time and that is okay! CHC Training’s online classes are hosted within a learning management system (LMS), like a virtual schoolhouse. You will need an account to access the LMS and that is created either by us through giving you a username and a password, or the more likely, through an email invitation, where you will follow a link to set up your access information. Here are a couple tips to further your success. Once you have access into the LMS (schoolhouse), you will see a dashboard. If you have enrolled into multiple courses, you will see each one on the dashboard. Clicking the course icon will take you into the course. From here you are ready to start your course! 1) Pay attention to the guidance documents and videos. They were created with you in mind and contain a wealth information including walk-throughs and how tos. 2) Take your time. Go slowly and do not skip over any videos or text. 3) Reach out if you need. Contact technical support at any time. Remember there are 3 options for support: 1) CHC Training – for questions associated with certification, subject matter, registration, payment 2) LMS (Canvas) Support – for technical support questions and for time checks 3) Proctorio Support – in some classes, you will be required to install a 3rd party browser extension for proctored quizzes, if you have trouble with this, Proctorio support is where to go. Each support contact number can be found within the class. 4) Have fun! We are thrilled to be able to advance the industry and offer more options for certification and learning on-the-go. Find your best learning spot and have fun.

We have 3 options for support: 1) CHC Training – for questions associated with certification, subject matter, registration, payment. Email:; phone: 303-412-6360 or 1(855) 60-CERTIFY 2) LMS (Canvas) Support – for technical support questions and for time checks 866-895-8051 or open chat from within your class. 3) Proctorio Support – in some classes, you will be required to install a 3rd party browser extension for proctored quizzes.

Online learners like to learn on-the-go. They like to be able to log time and complete modules on their own, and commonly are self-guided learners. They are self-motivated and commonly seek opportunities to explore and dive deeper into subjects on their own. They have experience working on a computer and using an internet browser.

CHC Training not only has extensive experience in asbestos, lead, mold, silica, infectious disease control, OSHA safety regulations, but also in curriculum design. The marriage between the two, results in award-winning, online courses that this industry has never seen before.

Yes! Email us at requesting a hardcopy textbook. Charges may apply.

Visit and select Forgot Password link. Still having issues? Call Canvas support at 866-895-8051

If you are not going to obtain licensure within that state (i.e. You are not going to the state environmental office and obtaining a license but rather are just keeping your certificate updated), you may take an online class regardless of where you live/work. However, if you are going to get licensed in a state not listed as accepting an online certificate, please check with the state environmental department prior to enrolling.

CHC Training’s online classes carry more state agency approvals than any other competitor! We work directly with the state agencies to verify full compliance, so you can rest assured that our courses are valid. CHC Training’s online classes carry more awards than any other competitor and we are 20% cheaper than the national average!

Once you have completed your order, please wait for the welcome email. Within this email you will select “Get Started” and be taken to set up a password. Your email address will be your username. If an email was not associated with your registration (not common), we will send you (or whomever signed up for the course) a username and password for access. Once your account is set up, please bookmark so you can return to your class later.

Online classes are limited to refresher and awareness level courses. Initials are not offered online as per current Federal EPA and local regulations. Most initial courses carry a hands-on component and therefore must be taken in a live/classroom setting.


Either email or call (855) 60-CERTIFY (602-3784) (24/7).

Replacement certificates are $15 each with FREE US domestic shipping.

Students have 2 years from the final facility examination date to complete a refresher course (Asbestos classes only). After 2 years, an initial course must be taken to re-certify. All other certifications must be renewed prior to the date listed on the certificate.

CHC Training uses Accredible to issue certifications. If there is a typo in your name, the wrong name has been used or you need part of your name added/removed, you will need to submit a name change request.

Sign into Your Credential

The option to request a name change is not publicly available. You will need to prove you are the credential owner before you can make this request.

To sign in and access hidden options, review Accredible’s article: Access Hidden Options

How to Request a Name Change

Sign into your credential as described in the article mentioned above

Along the bottom of the credential window, click the ‘MORE’ button

In the pop-up menu, select the ‘Request a Name Change’ option

Enter the name as you would like it to appear in both fields.

Click ‘Submit Request'”

It is important to schedule a refresher prior to the expiration date on your certificate. In some cases, the certification expiration date is the final date a student can obtain a refresher and therefore must take an initial class again. Many certificates do not carry grace periods so timely renewal is important!

Certificates can be retrieved for free at by clicking either verify a credential or retrieve a credential. If you have access to the email that the credential was originally sent to (ie. access to the email the certificate was originally sent to when issued, likely the last day of your class) you can enter it and will receive an email containing all associated certs. If you want us to change the email or resend emailed certs we can for $5. Hardcopy reprints are $15.  Email to order. Each department (CDPHE, EPA, etc.) that accredit CHC Training accepts our printed certificates, just make sure to print in color and in landscape.

Please contact us at 303-412-6360 to request a certificate for a class completed prior to 2017. Charges may apply.

To verify the certificate, you will simply navigate to click on verify a credential, enter the name as shown on the credential and click search. If there is more than one credential for that name, a list will pull up. You can verify it is the correct certificate by looking at both the credential license ID which can be found on the lower left area of the certificate and at the credential name itself.

Approvals & Licenses

Asbestos Live/Classroom Courses: Colorado, New Mexico, Utah (Supervisor & Worker), and Wyoming. Please note that certificates obtained from these classes are valid in several other states, verify acceptance with your local state regulatory department.

Asbestos Online Refresher Courses: Alabama, Arizona, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia (no Supervisor), Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi (Worker only), Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington (No Supervisor/Worker), and Wyoming. Please note that if you are not getting licensed in a state not listed above, you may take online refresher classes to maintain your AHERA certificate.

Lead (non-RRP) Live/Classroom and Online Courses: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado,  Florida, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina, South Dakota, Wyoming.

Lead RRP Live/Classroom and Online Courses: All states except: Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and in the Bois Forte Tribe.

All other live and online courses hold Nationwide approvals. It is recommended that you verify applicability of our certifications with your local state agency prior to registration.

When the EPA stopped governing over the AHERA program, the administration was pushed down to US states and territories. Most states have created regulations to administer their own state-run asbestos programs and some also include their lead programs. Although each state-run program is different, most state regulations require licensing for each state you are performing regulated activities in. When you apply for your state license you will be required to provide a completed application, fees (in most cases) and your certificate(s) of training. Most states require your initial class certificate and all subsequent refresher certificates if it is the first time you are applying.

Some of the state licensing requirements call for a training provider to be approved directly by that state. However, in several states your CHC Training certificate will be “accepted” and you can get a state license since we carry numerous approvals from other state agencies that have a training provider approval process. When the state agencies accept the approval of another state agency, the term referenced is “EPA reciprocity”. One state is reciprocal with another or several states. Please note, not all states are reciprocal. To navigate this for the asbestos industry, we have created a comprehensive state-by-state guide.

When states do not have their own implemented program, the state must rely on the Federal EPA’s laws. For Lead, the EPA operates a licensing program for the few states left without implemented programs. For Asbestos, the EPA no longer runs a licensing program. Although there is no Federal licensing program for asbestos states, trained persons are required on all NESHAP defined public and commercial buildings. Additionally, most consulting firms write into the project specifications the requirement for trained employees regardless of the type of work.

CHC Training carries Federal EPA lead accreditation and approval in addition to being accredited by several states for asbestos instruction. Our courses are designed to be fully compliant and meet (or exceed) the state laws in which they are offered. CHC Training holds more individual state approvals than any other competitor on the market for online asbestos and lead refresher training classes.

It is important to distinguish the difference between certification and licensure. Certification is received after attending one of our classes and is specific to the individual who completed the class requirements. Certifications carry certain requirements and in most cases expire after a specified period set by the regulating agency. Licensure on the other hand is obtained post-certification and training, and is commonly issued by a federal or local regulating agency. Training providers, such as CHC Training issue certificates and do not issue licenses. Certification, training, and in some cases field experience and additional education are required to obtain individual licensure. It may be necessary to obtain both individual licenses (assigned to a student) and company license (assigned to an organization). In many cases, you may notice that during the class registration process, we ask location based information. This is to verify our compliance with the notification requirements specified by each of our federal and local accreditations.  

Asbestos: The EPA pushed the administration and enforcement of licensing out to each state individually in the 90’s. At that point, each state either elected to add a more-stringent individual and/or company licensing requirement or to forgo such. What this means is that states may or may not have requirements for individuals and/or companies to obtain a license post training, to be able to perform such activities in their state. Additionally, some counties enacted additional licensing requirements. In some cases, states will accept training certifications issued by non-state approved training providers through EPA Reciprocity, or they may not have state-specific licensing requirements. AHERA training is ALWAYS required to conduct asbestos-related activities. Therefore, it is important to check with your local agencies to verify the requirements.

Lead:  The EPA pushed the option of the administration and enforcement of licensing out to each state, and maintained enforcement over the states who did not create their own program. Currently, this includes AK, AZ, FL, ID, MT, NV, NM, NY, SC, SD and WY – where post-training students must obtain EPA-licensure to perform lead abatement and/or evaluation activities. Besides these states, each state either elected to add a more-stringent individual and/or company licensing requirement or to administer the EPA’s original requirements on their state level. What this means is that states not under EPA-administration may or may not have requirements for individuals and/or companies to obtain a license post training, to be able to perform such activities in their state. Additionally, some counties enacted additional licensing requirements. Therefore, it is important to check with your local agencies to verify the requirements.

CHC Training works diligently to maintain relationships with agencies on the local and federal level to ensure our classes maintain full compliance and we ensure that if we list a state or agency as accepting a certificate from our company, it is only done so after a full verification has been completed. However, regulations are ever-changing, which is why we guarantee a full refund on course tuition, should we list acceptance in an area that later does not accept our certifications for a period of thirty (30) calendar days post certification issue date. Please verify certification applicability prior to registration.


Online AHERA, Awareness, Silica and RRP Refresher courses can be accessed at

Registration and payment for additional classes (online and live) is available at

Some of our online courses are taught through a partnership with Enrollment and payment processing can be completed through our partner site by selecting an applicable course.

Login for our 360training partner courses at

For technological issues, contact Support at or at (855) 60-CERTIFY (602-3784)

For registration/payment issues, contact or at (855) 60-CERTIFY (602-3784)

For Canvas LMS issues, contact Canvas Support Line at 866-895-8051

Students will need speakers for sound, web camera for identification verification only, a reliable Internet connection, a desktop or laptop computer (no tablet or smartphones), keyboard and mouse. We offer loaner devices under our Technology Loaner Program. Inquire for more information!

Yes! Anyone can take an online class, but you do need to make sure you have met the minimum technology requirements. You will be best prepared if you have basic computer knowledge around using internet browsers, installing extensions, connecting web cameras and speakers.

Our online courses were crafted with you in mind and are simple to navigate. If you can complete the online registration for the course, you have the skills necessary to succeed online!

If you need help, please contact Support at or at (855) 60-CERTIFY (602-3784) any time before your course start date and time.

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