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How CHC Became an Award-Winning Asbestos Training Company

The potential of online asbestos refresher classes became clear to me while in the final year of my master’s program at Colorado State University.

I knew that those who looked to advance their careers through on-line study faced limited options.

There was a better way, and better options for workers who longed for enrichment, and a better payday.

The road to success and the creation of CHC involved:

  1. Contracting state and federal agencies to get their opinions of online training. Learning what features they wanted, should something like that be allowed in their jurisdiction.
  2. Creating asbestos disciplines to be learner-focused and formatted for an online learning platform.
  3. Redesigning existing course content, rewriting EPA manuals, and implementing our bottom-up teaching method approach. That approach is why we have a 95% student success rate with these classes.
  4. Working with state and federal agencies to implement a solution that represented the regulations and standards of their jurisdiction. That approach is why our certifications are accepted in more states than any other training company .
  5. Building fostering a strong relationship between CHC Training and each state and federal agency associated with the regulation of asbestos.

Our method works.

We achieved over 400% growth from 2017 – 2018. More states continue to accept our online training over any other company, and in 2018 we were awarded a top acknowledgement by The Brandon Hall Group for the Best Advance in Compliance Training.We started CHC 4 years ago. The growth, the success of our students, and the impact we have had in the industry is amazing and humbling.

Our students, and the employers who see the value in our classes, are the real success stories.

But we have much more to do. For the industry to advance properly, we need companies like CHC Training to design and be the change, but we also need the help of all stakeholders.

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