Introducing Christopher Feaster, our new Business Operations Manager

CHC is pleased to announce the addition of our newest team member, Christopher Feaster, who joined the CHC team in May as Business Operations Manager. Christopher, or Chris as we’ve come to know him, has an extensive background in customer service, having overseen the openings of several major high-end hotels and restaurants in the local Colorado area. We’re excited about the opportunity to work with Chris as he brings years of customer service experience to the table.

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About Christopher Feaster

Chris attended West Virginia University where he pursued a degree in Communications, with a focus in Organizational Communication. It was here that Chris developed his love of working with people and creating more effective work environments. This passion ultimately led him to the hospitality industry and the beautiful state of Colorado. 

After college, Chris made the move to the Centennial State where he garnered over fifteen years of experience managing various hotels and their personnel. Some of the notable hotels that Chris was brought on to manage included Marriott and Hilton, where he was responsible for leading teams of over forty employees. Other responsibilities that contributed to Chris’s experience include recruiting and training staff, and customer satisfaction. During each step of his career, Chris has displayed a passion for people and a respect for those he works with, which has undoubtedly led to his success as a General Manager. 

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A true leader

Among Chris’s many accomplishments are his impressive leadership roles where he successfully navigated the development and launch of several major hotels. During his most recent role, Chris aided in the successful opening of the 4th Moxy hotel in the United States, guiding the organization’s owners and management on best practices while maintaining superior employee relations that contributed to the hotel’s successful launch. 

When asked what true leadership means to him, Chris stated “A leader is simply someone you can count on for consistent, honest guidance, and someone who shows up every day with a renewed commitment to the task at hand.”

A passion for customer service

Throughout his career, Chris has set the standard for excellence in customer service. During each of his prior roles, he instated brand standards that helped guide his staff to achieve the same exceptional levels of care and detail that Chris prided himself on. Chris has also displayed deep care for those he works with and understands that employee relationships are a key element to a successful organization. During his time managing the Marriott Springhill Suites, Chris regularly held “think tanks” for staff which served as a way for them to contribute ideas for organizational improvements. Chris’s intuition and knack for reading people led him to a successful career managing projects with multiple moving parts, all while being a friendly face any customer could count on.

Awards and accomplishments

A man of many talents, Chris has won several awards for customer service, sales, and writing. Among these awards are multiple “Gold” level recognition awards from Marriott for customer satisfaction in 2008, the “Gold Service Award” and Sales Manager of the Year from Vision Hospitality in 2018, and the “Gold Award” at the World Series of Writing in 2015. After only knowing him for a short time, we see how Chris’s combination of leadership, creativity, and customer service skills have helped Chris get to where he is today. 

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