Mold Training & Certification

While molds are part of the natural environment, indoor mold can cause all manner of problems, including health issues and the integrity of construction materials.

We offer a variety of mold remediation courses. See Mold Courses ↓

CHC Training offers classes aimed at training workers in mold remediation and becoming a certified mold inspector.

Our 16-hour Certified Mold Professional course is designed for supervisors, project managers and property managers. We also offer a 4-hour Certified Mold Professional Refresher. Note that to take this course, you must have previously been certified as a Mold Professional. The 3-hour Mold Awareness course teaches the fundamentals of mold remediation and steps to inhibit mold growth. This training is ideal for housing officials, maintenance workers/supervisors, building managers, and safety professionals. Finally, our Mold Inspector Certification is a mobile compatible course addressing hazards involved in working with materials that may contain formaldehyde. It highlights the materials and processes that will likely expose a worker to formaldehyde, as well as measures to minimize the harmful effects of formaldehyde on the body. See all our mold remediation courses below.

At CHC Training, we provide numerous courses that satisfy EPA lead certification requirements.

We offer courses for lead abatement workers as well as supervisors, as required by the EPA for lead paint abatement work. These include hands-on construction of a lead-safe containment and demonstrations of materials and equipment used in the industry. In addition, we offer lead inspector training and lead risk assessor courses, designed specifically for people in these fields. We also offer offer a two-hour lead awareness course, which provides participants with a basic understanding of what lead is, where it’s found in buildings, the dangers of exposure, what you can do to protect yourself. Our lead awareness certification training is offered both in-person and online.

All Mold Training Courses

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