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Ironically, this one took a couple of days to get to press, whereas in years before, this is commonly the easiest blog for me to write. What is different this year? We are arms deep in a couple very exciting projects that are sure to bring not only more courses to our catalog, but also, more service areas AND more approvals. What this means for you, our friends, family and colleagues, is that you get MORE bang for your training and certification buck with CHC Training, which has always been our goal. I am very pleased with where 2019 has led us, keep reading as we give gratitude and a sneak peak into where 2020 is heading (hint… we’re going GLOBAL)!

As I preemptively create a list of organizational achievements in my head, I am overwhelmed by the cosmic relationship between dream and reality. I am so blessed by the opportunity to create, teach, innovate and provide. Our team is full of dreamers, and each day we show up believing that collectively, through hard work, we can build tools and resources that empower the industry. We challenge the norms of 1978, and not only redesign, but redefine what it means to properly inspect and address hazardous material and safety issues.

Our approach is unmatched. We focus on building life-long partnerships with our alumni, providing value that does not end in the classroom whether virtual or live. Standing behind every accreditation we issue and being a 24/7 knowledge resource, CHC Training is set up to be the nation’s best environmental trainer.

As we look towards 2020 and outline our initiatives, here are just a few things we are grateful for in 2019;

  • We were honored as finalists for the 2019 Colorado Companies to Watch, placing us in the top 100 of second-stage companies posting innovation and growth directly affecting the Colorado market. We hope to make it to the top 50 in 2020.
  • Our groundbreaking online AHERA classes are now accepted in 21 states, an increase over 17 from the year prior! We have certified over 250 students from across the world in asbestos supervisor, worker, inspector, and/or management planner, and have maintained a 95% student success rate!
  • We became the first and only organization to offer Missouri’s state asbestos exam online and for $20 cheaper than the competition!
  • We launched the industry’s first lead inspector online refresher and certification is valid in 7 states.
  • We have posted four straight years of growth thanks to the loyalty and trust of you all!
  • We began offering regularly scheduled asbestos worker and supervisor classes in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • In January, we launched our Connect Alumni Resource books providing a direct source for students to take their class notes and view our recommended top industry partners. Partnership opportunities for the 2020 books has just opened, email for pricing!
  • In June, I was honored to represent CHC Training and speak to TeleTech’s (TTEC) Women in Leadership (WIL) program offering encouragement to employees to engage with the career services and education opportunities the company offers. My presentation, titled Rise Up, was a highlight of TTEC’s WIL program and the cornerstone to their career focused initiatives. Rise Up was presented live to the company’s headquarters and streamed live to over 10,000 employees across the world.
  • In September, we published a Spanish version of our Asbestos Awareness student manual. The new manual is available in both our classroom and online version of our Asbestos Awareness class.
  • We introduced a new way to get student training materials, new options are available during registration or check and includes getting an AMAZON FIRE E-Reader for only $40!!
  • Since launching our inCircle Rewards program in 2017, we have welcomed over 50 companies into the silver level. Platinum status in 2019 was awarded to Ames Construction, Basin Electrical, and ChristLife Ministries. We are thrilled to report that we have paid out over $3,000 in rewards this year alone!

This year has been amazing, we are thrilled to be a part of the lives of our clients, the industry and our students. We will continue to work diligently to be your first choice for quality training.

Next year, look out for an online, mobile-ready mold awareness class. Additionally, our lead risk assessor, supervisor, and worker refresher class will be available. We plan to have our methamphetamine decontamination courses approved next year in Colorado. Additionally, we are working to add at least 3 more state accreditations, making asbestos online refreshers valid in nearly 50% of the nation!

Make sure to connect with us on Facebook and Linkedin or subscribe to our newsletter. We promise 2020 will be a year full of top training, support and access to the best industry resources available. Make sure you’re the first in the know. Cheers!

Danaya Benedetto, Co-Founder & CEO

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