Out with the Old, in with the New: Modern Teaching Methods for a Changing Workforce

The modernization of vocational training aimed at skilled-trade industries requires a bottom-up approach that should specifically address how students operate within their job positions. However, for decades, construction curriculums and regulations were written technocratically, by individuals such as doctors and lawyers, not likely to perform field services. Bridging the gap between bureaucratic language and the layman is crucial for student understanding. As training directors and instructors begin planning for classes aimed at reaching a new workforce, modernization and customization is necessary to ensure comprehension.

Bottom-up instructional design focuses on the student or end user and is the breakthrough method that we use when building construction learning curriculums. This method has us to look at how the individual will use the lesson in their day-to-day activities and results in higher student engagement and concept retention. Bottom-up designing is a modern approach to teaching because it takes in account the individual needs of the learner and their situation. To summarize, look at these key differences between the old and the new design methods:


Instead of approaching a class traditionally, CHC Training outlines the student profile. The process includes employing our proprietary Main Point Analysis or MPA. MPA is the process of reviewing regulatory documents and outlining main points relevant to identified learners and commonly follows this framework:

  • Start with the learner and answer
    • HOW
    • WHO
    • WHEN
  • Include the scope of work, whether broad or specific
  • Identify SPECIFIC laterals/examples
  • Answer “what do I need to know to do my job safely and accurately?”

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MPA is CHC Training’s secret to redefining the future of construction education and combating the labor shortage this industry is facing. With a customized, modern approach to teaching regulations and safety standards, we can engage the future labor force. Do not just take our word for it! The Brandon Hall Group just awarded CHC Training with a coveted bronze award for the Excellence in the Learning category: Best Advance in Compliance Training. To hear more about how we are leading this change I encourage you to connect with us on Facebook or Linkedin. I promise you, we are just getting started!

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