Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Certified Renovator (Initial) – Live – Denver Location

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CHC Training



8 hrs

Cost Per Attendee: $325

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The objective of the eight hour EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Initial Certified Renovator course is to prepare, train, and certify contractors in EPA lead safe work practices in order to comply with the EPA’s RRP rule and HUD’s Lead Safe Housing Rule during the course of their renovation, repair, or painting activities.

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The objective of the eight hour EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Initial Certified Renovator course is to prepare, train, and certify contractors in EPA lead safe work practices in order to comply with the EPA’s RRP rule and HUD’s Lead Safe Housing Rule during the course of their renovation, repair, or painting activities.

Course Highlights

  • The material will be presented through various media types including: lectures, slide presentations, videos, and printed material.
  • Hands-on exercises involving containment set-up, lead-based paint sampling, and containment clean-up are incorporated into the training to familiarize the student with the practical aspects of RRP Certified Renovator activities.

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Learning Objectives

  • Concerns about Lead-Based Paint and its Health Effects
  • EPA and HUD Regulations
  • Priorities Before Beginning Work
  • Containing Lead Dust During Work
  • Lead Safe Work Practices to be Used During Work
  • Cleaning Activities and Checking Your Work
  • Recordkeeping
  • Training Non-Certified Renovation Workers

Regulations Satisfied

  • OSHA – Lead in General Industry 29 CFR 1910.1025, Lead in Construction 29 CFR 1926.62, Respirator Requirements 29 CFR 1910.134
  • EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP Rule) – Requires that firms performing renovation, repair, and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities and pre-schools built before 1978 have their firm certified by EPA (or an EPA authorized state), use certified renovators who are trained by EPA-approved training providers and follow lead-safe work practices.

119 reviews for Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Certified Renovator (Initial) – Live – Denver Location

  1. Philip Stratton

    Review from Partner Site:
    Class Date: 11-16-2023
    Rating: 5 stars
    Aaron Hix with CHC is the best trainer out there!

  2. Philip Stratton

    Review from Partner Site:
    Class Date: 11-16-2023
    Rating: 5 stars
    Instructor was knowledgeable and explained things in a way everyone understood.

  3. Philip Stratton

    Review from Partner Site:
    Outstanding class. Mike was very knowledgeable, and kept class entertained.

  4. Elizabeth Graham

    Review from partner purchase:
    Student: Lauren Williams
    Rating: 5 stars
    Review: The Instructor was great and straight to the point

  5. Elizabeth Graham

    Review from partner purchase:
    Student: Steve Elliott
    Rating: 5 stars
    Review: Instructor was very good and entertaining which made the time go by quickly while still learning the material.

  6. Elizabeth Graham

    Review from partner purchase:
    Student: Breanna Johnson
    Rating: 5 stars
    Review: These are not always the most enjoyable classes but thankfully, we had a great instructor who kept us all laughing. Thanks, Mike!

  7. Ryan Thomas

    Professional and knowledgeable! Got the entire crew trained right. Thanks CHC!

  8. Carlos B.

  9. martin kujawa

    Great class, very entertaining extremely informative and hands on too!

  10. Anonymous

    Thank you!

  11. Mary Nguyen

  12. Gary Fiffe

  13. Brian H.

    Training was strait forward and understandable. Good material and teaching.

  14. Jonathon F.

    Trainer was great and keep the class interesting.

  15. Anonymous

    Great place

  16. William S.

    Awesome class – time well spent, very enjoyable, comfortable learning environment

  17. Lori

    Mike’s a great course instructor (and he knows it). He’s an effective teacher and uses a lot of great examples to teach his classes. I didn’t realize he was the instructor when I signed up for this class. When the class started, I was relieved/happy to see that Mike was instructing, as there are so many terrible/boring instructors in the world of environmental training.

  18. Abby W.

    Mike is a great instructor! This was my second class with him. Very easy to follow along with and consistently opens the floor to questions and comments.

  19. Jacque D.

    Homemade Pastries!!! Or Breakfast Burritos 🙂

  20. William F.

    Aaron, the instructor was top notch. He kept it lively and fun while making sure the pertinent information was provided and all questions were answered.

  21. Anonymous

    Had an employee take the RRP Certified Renovator course, he came back very knowledgeable on the topic and said the training was much better than trainings he had received elsewhere.

  22. William M.

    It was great

  23. Celina K.

    great class great instructor

  24. Nicole R.

    Company needs to have a Certified Renovator and have used you in the past. Will be taking more classes in the near future.

  25. Desiree P.

    Honestly I thought this course was very well put together

  26. Ellen J.

    I have no complaints. Students get out of it what they put in

  27. George A.

    Excellent training. I enjoyed Aaron’s delivery and knowledge of the topic.

  28. Pamela C.

    This was a new experience since I am new to the EPA. I got the overall feeling that this company is of high quality based on the quality of the training. The instructor is very knowledgeable. He was able to answer all questions and made the class interesting and easy to follow. It was also very nice that you provided refreshments! Although I didn’t participate in the food, I really enjoyed the coffee and water.

  29. Britin L.


  30. Michelle B.


  31. Rebecca S.

    Awesome class that was well delivered. I learned a lot! Thx

  32. Karl G.

    Super informative. Helpful to be certified in the areas discussed.

  33. Anonymous

    Very informative. Nice job.

  34. Alex L.

    Cool guy. Taught everything / answered every question anyone had.

  35. Steve M.

    Very well ran from start to finish! I’d recommend it to anyone working in the field.

  36. Randy W.

    Instructor made dull subject matter engaging.

  37. Brandi S.

    Aaron is very knowledgeable and passionate about his job and making sure people learn and know about lead safety. He is very pleasant and I learned a lot. GREAT CLASS and Instructor 🙂

  38. Enrique G.

    100% informative and clarity of the course

  39. Norm H.

    Amazing instructor fun class great price. Learned lot of material

  40. James G.

    Very good for the amount of material to cover.

  41. Paul M.

    Excellent Class!

  42. Michael M.

    Very knowledgeable in all aspects.

  43. Brian A.

    Aaron is very knowledgeable about course. Awesome instructor.

  44. Lorren S.

    Learned a lot and made sure we were all ready for test.

  45. Scott R.

    Aaron knew the subject very well and presented several real life examples that I found helpful.

  46. Mark K.

    Quick review of a lot of materials.

  47. Anonymous

    Outstanding diction

  48. Joshua D.

    Clearly knowledgeable and relates the subject matter effectively. Good to hear personal and proper techniques.

  49. Don N.

    Informative, good pace, did learn valuable tips

  50. Jeremy B.

    This class was awesome. Instructor was very knowledgeable ran the class smoothly and make sure that everyone understood every detail. I look forward to taking the refresher in five years.

  51. Sean S.

  52. Abigail R.

    Thank You!

  53. Peter S.

    I most appreciated the obvious level of experiential skill you have. Helped give specific examples.

  54. Max H.

    Class was taught exceptionally well.

  55. Alec W.

    Great class, instructor is very professional and knows what he is talking about.

  56. Tim H.

    Good knowledge. Great point of view with OSHA & Safety director positions.

  57. Anonymous

    Good break timing. Kept focus of the group.

  58. Joshua S.

    Great prep and presentation, Q&A very good.

  59. Doug R.

    Way to make a dip topic interesting. Thanks!

  60. Tom D.

    Excellent knowledgeable class – Thanks guys!

  61. Randy S.

    when we reviewed our experience with other people who had taken a class this one was far better than the other classes. Our instructor was great at explaining and providing hands on experience. will take future classes from this group

  62. Jeff V.

  63. Mitch N.

    Excellent knowledge & presentation – great facility. I enjoyed this training.

  64. Harry T.

    Very informative!

  65. Frederick L.

    CHC Training has a great location and expert instructors. I would rate this class very high quality and it is very likely that I will return here for additional training.

  66. Jeff D.

    Luis was a great teacher. Very clear speaker. Hit all the key points.

  67. Ivan T.

    I like the class and explain good. He answer all my questions

  68. Eric T.

    He did a great job.

  69. Eden G.

    The class was excellent the teacher explained every step of the work that need to be done to be able to remove any lead paint good job we will recommend this class

  70. Dustin B.

    Thorough good class

  71. Rick F.

    Good class lots of good info real life examples.

  72. Richard M.

    Great instruction, sad to see this is not a requirement for contractor licensing

  73. Juli T.

    Aaron did a great job. One of the best classes I’ve been too.

  74. Tom Y.

    Was a informative good use of time and information.

  75. Anthony R.

    Good Job

  76. Ruben G.

    Good man

  77. Cody W.

    Have taken several EPA & OSHA class recently and by far the knowledge and consistency has superseded any other classes. Thank you

  78. Josh P.

    Knowledgeable, helpful, and well spoken. Well done.

  79. Seth M.

    Course book was hard to follow-sections not clearly marked. More sample documents would be helpful

  80. Roy H.

    Class moved along very nicely. Aaron made it interesting.

  81. Christopher P.

    Instructor was very helpful in repeating information

  82. Michael B.

    Class was very informative

  83. Anonymous

    good job

  84. Oliver B.

    Class was presented well but would’ve liked to see more visual aids and examples of actual surfaces that contain lead, video presentation or slide show of proper practices.

  85. Jodie S.

    Valuable information and great handout’s

  86. Rodney V.

    Good class. Very useful information.

  87. Matt G.

    outstanding, way more fun than I thought it would be!

  88. James L.

    He was adament on ensuring we understood the content

  89. Preston L.

    Mike was awesome!

  90. Kevin B.

    Instructor extremely knowledgeable – very helpful

  91. Dylan E.

    Great job very knowledgeable

  92. David A.

    Learned a lot, had a better time than I thought I would

  93. Gary Y.

    The instructor is very knowledgeable, I learned a lot in such a short time.

  94. Dennis V.


  95. Nathan B.

    A little rushed

  96. Kenny L.

    good job

  97. Bill E.

    Very thourough

  98. Tim A.


  99. Matt P.

    Great job

  100. James S.

    It was a well planned out class.

  101. Anonymous

    Good class.

  102. Anonymous


  103. Anonymous

    Awesome, thanks man!

  104. Karlee L.


  105. Nick B.

    Too many breaks, stretches it out too long.

  106. Andy K.

    Long and through, but worth it.

  107. Glenn S.

    Kept my attention throughout the course.

  108. Chase T.

    Very clear and helpful understanding material

  109. Yovan V.

    Luis took his time to explain all questions

  110. Devon S.

    Instructor was a little hard to understand at times 🙂

  111. Nathan T.

    Great job thanks!

  112. Hoath C.

    Good work!

  113. Anonymous

    Great teacher

  114. Anonymous

    Good, a little chaos during hands-on… one members’ actions affecting team.

  115. Anonymous

    Very awesome teacher. Explains very well and doesn’t waste time talking about useless information.

  116. Steve G.

    Excellent instructor

  117. Logan W.

    Great job! Thank you

  118. Ken J.

    Well done

  119. Jeremy J.

    Nice work

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