Quality Credentialing

When you earn a certificate through BetterCertify, be assured that you’ll receive a credential that you can always access digitally and display with pride.

We’ve evolved with the latest technology to offer digital certificates with an option to print them as hard copies as well. 

Certification, innovated and digitized 

Once you have completed your training course, we’ll issue you an official certificate and badge through Accredible. Accredible is a leading digital badge and certificate platform that uses blockchain technology to guarantee the security and authenticity of your certificate. Our digital certificate system allows users to

  • Retrieve your certificate quickly and easily, anytime and from anywhere, simply by entering your email address
  • Verify a certificate quickly and easily. Contractors and state agencies can authenticate your certificate online, anytime and from anywhere.

No more worrying about laminating, copying, and filing a paper credential. Our digital system gives you ongoing access to your entire certification history — both current and expired. With digital certificate or badge, you can add it to your smart device wallet and keep it digitally handy wherever you are. Or, take a screenshot with your smart device and keep it in your photo roll for on-demand viewing and sharing.

Frame-worthy certificates and badges

Increase your professionalism when you showcase your BetterCertify/CHC Training certificate or badge, either digitally or in print.

Our credentials are professionally and beautifully designed to help our alumni stand out in the field of environmental safety.

CHC Training Alumni include their credentials proudly on

  • Bid packs, RFPs and RFQs
  • Qualification portfolios
  • Resumes and online profiles

Showcase your expert status with a hard copy of your credentials.

Printed certificates are perfect for framing and add credibility to your workplace interior. We’re proud of our alumni and our certificates are designed to exhibit their excellence.