Silica Training & Certification

Crystalline silica is a common mineral found in such materials as sand, stone, concrete, and mortar.

It’s used to make glass, pottery, ceramics, bricks, and other products. Silica, though, can also be a hazard. To better protect workers, OSHA issued new respirable crystalline silica standards. See Silica Courses ↓

CHC’s silica awareness and silica competent person training courses are OSHA-compliant, and students receive a certificate good for one year.

CHC Training offers a Silica in Construction Awareness course, which covers exposure control methods, respiratory protection, health effects, and other topics. We also offer an online version. Our Silica in Construction Competent Person training teaches the standard operating procedures needed to become a Respirable Silica in Construction Competent Person. A Silica Competent Person is defined by OSHA as someone who is “capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards” in the work environment and who is “authorized to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them.” Superintendents, foremen, and safety representatives typically take on this role.

All Silica Training Courses

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