What is the difference between online and live classroom courses?

Danaya Wilson

CHC Training takes a learner-centric approach to course development and instruction which means you can select which medium is a best fit for your learning style. Our live classroom courses are taught in a climate controlled environment that is tailored to your comfort and to meet your needs. The classroom size varies between 5 – 18 students and is taught by a specific assigned and local instructor. Live classroom courses are ideal for students that prefer human interaction, lecture styled instruction and live group participation. They are also great resources for discovering local industry trends.

Online classrooms are ideal for students that prefer to learn interactively, remotely and self-guided. They are also great resources for interactive course models that cannot be found in live classroom settings (think completing a virtual asbestos building inspection and report!) as well as learning more about national industry trends. Online courses are not guided by the instructor, rather the contact with the instructor can be made through an internal chat feature.

Both online and live classroom courses will require the same amount of learning time, as per applicable regulation.