I have never taken an online class before, what are they like?

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Welcome! Do not worry, online training is new for our industry so many students find that they are taking their first online class with CHC Training. You are in good company! The first thing to remember is to be patient. Learning a new technology takes time and that is okay! CHC Training’s online classes are hosted within a learning management system (LMS), like a virtual schoolhouse. You will need an account to access the LMS and that is created either by us through giving you a username and a password, or the more likely, through an email invitation, where you will follow a link to set up your access information. Here are a couple tips to further your success. Once you have access into the LMS (schoolhouse), you will see a dashboard. If you have enrolled into multiple courses, you will see each one on the dashboard. Clicking the course icon will take you into the course. From here you are ready to start your course! 1) Pay attention to the guidance documents and videos. They were created with you in mind and contain a wealth information including walk-throughs and how tos. 2) Take your time. Go slowly and do not skip over any videos or text. 3) Reach out if you need. Contact technical support at any time. Remember there are 3 options for support: 1) CHC Training – for questions associated with certification, subject matter, registration, payment 2) LMS (Canvas) Support – for technical support questions and for time checks 3) Proctorio Support – in some classes, you will be required to install a 3rd party browser extension for proctored quizzes, if you have trouble with this, Proctorio support is where to go. Each support contact number can be found within the class. 4) Have fun! We are thrilled to be able to advance the industry and offer more options for certification and learning on-the-go. Find your best learning spot and have fun.

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