What is EPA reciprocity?

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When the EPA stopped governing over the AHERA program, the administration was pushed down to US states and territories. Most states have created regulations to administer their own state-run asbestos programs and some also include their lead programs. Although each state-run program is different, most state regulations require licensing for each state you are performing regulated activities in. When you apply for your state license you will be required to provide a completed application, fees (in most cases) and your certificate(s) of training. Most states require your initial class certificate and all subsequent refresher certificates if it is the first time you are applying.

Some of the state licensing requirements call for a training provider to be approved directly by that state. However, in several states your CHC Training certificate will be “accepted” and you can get a state license since we carry numerous approvals from other state agencies that have a training provider approval process. When the state agencies accept the approval of another state agency, the term referenced is “EPA reciprocity”. One state is reciprocal with another or several states. Please note, not all states are reciprocal. To navigate this for the asbestos industry, we have created a comprehensive state-by-state guide.

When states do not have their own implemented program, the state must rely on the Federal EPA’s laws. For Lead, the EPA operates a licensing program for the few states left without implemented programs. For Asbestos, the EPA no longer runs a licensing program. Although there is no Federal licensing program for asbestos states, trained persons are required on all NESHAP defined public and commercial buildings. Additionally, most consulting firms write into the project specifications the requirement for trained employees regardless of the type of work.

CHC Training carries Federal EPA lead accreditation and approval in addition to being accredited by several states for asbestos instruction. Our courses are designed to be fully compliant and meet (or exceed) the state laws in which they are offered. CHC Training holds more individual state approvals than any other competitor on the market for online asbestos and lead refresher training classes.

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