Why CHC?
  • 5,000+ alumni organizations trust CHC
  • Over 10 full time, staff instructional designers, subject matter experts, and instructors
  • Licensed and accredited by over 22 individual state and federal agencies
  • Over 15 hazardous material and technical textbooks published
  • Owner of over 10 US copyrights and trademarks
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Environmental & Safety Certifications Awarded

We are changing the way the trades industries learn and maintain regulatory compliance.

Safety-focused companies and individuals select us for innovative and comprehensive training solutions.
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Student Focused

Our groundbreaking instructional method has a proven 95% student success rate and our classes fit a variety of learning styles. At a time when the environmental and construction industries are facing a labor shortage, our classes increase the capacity of an organization’s existing workforce, as well as support workforce personal growth objectives. We have designed each of our courses with you and your team in mind. In each class you’ll receive a quality education driven by a goal-oriented team of instructors and administrators.

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We take safety and compliance as seriously as you do.

Is safety one of your organizational core values? Ours too! From the classroom to the field, we’re there, providing the expert know-how, right when and where you need it.

Award-Winning Training

companies to watch
2020 Colorado Companies to Watch Winner

CHC Training has been named a Colorado Company to Watch Winner, acknowledging the drive, excellence and influence of CHC Training as a growing company in the state.

Colorado Companies to Watch honors second stage companies that develop valuable products and services, create quality jobs, enrich communities, and create new industries throughout Colorado.

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Bronze Brandon Hall Group Award Winner

Excellence in Learning Category: Best Advance in Compliance Training 2018.

We are changing the way the trades industries learn and maintain regulatory compliance, shifting from curriculums and regulations written technocratically, to a modern approach that employs our Main Point Analysis, hands-on training, online and in-person classes, and on-site demonstrations to our clients.

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Ready to take the next step in your professional growth?

CHC Training’s courses are expertly designed, modern, and relatable. We can help you find a high-paying career and help you reach your goals, and provide ongoing support for the length of your accreditation. Get started today.