Why CHC Training?

We are changing the way the trades industries learn and maintain regulatory compliance.

Safety-focused companies and individuals select us for innovative and comprehensive training solutions.

We take safety and compliance as seriously as you do.

Is "safety" one of your organizational core values? Ours too! From the classroom to the field, we’re there, providing the expert know-how, right when and where you need it.

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Environmental & Safety Certifications Awarded

At a Glance

  • + 5,000 alumni organizations trust CHC
  • Over 10 full time, staff instructional designers, subject matter experts, and instructors
  • Licensed and accredited by over 22 individual state and federal agencies
  • Over 15 hazardous material and technical textbooks published
  • Owner of over 10 US copyrights and trademarks
  • Available Courses by Category