inCircle Rewards

Each day we have the pleasure of working with Rockstars who manage the entire certification and training activities of teams ranging from large to small. This amazing group of individuals, such as yourself, seamlessly manage the most important aspect of your company’s regulatory compliance, and it is about time you are rewarded! With us, we will take the tracking of certification and enrolling students off your hands AND we will reward you for allowing us to do it!

Each student you send through CHC Training gets you closer inCircle membership where you will earn rewards and gain access to exclusive events. We do all the tracking and reporting, so there is no work for you! Train with us and be rewarded!

“Danaya, Thank you so much for the gift card, we will use it when we need supplies for our next project.”
Aceline McCulla and Adam Lane, City of Pocatello LHC Program

“Thank you for all the digital certs, as well as the wallet certs (thus solving the problem of how each guy keeps his cert with him, back in the day we made many copies of each full size cert and kept them all in each truck). The Amazon gift card is a nice touch.”

Laura Pino, The Wall Rebuilders
“Thank you for the Amazon Gift Card! You are the best.”
Selso Salazar, Ames Construction

How inCircle Rewards works:

  • Sign up employees (or yourself) for any of our 200+ online or live classroom courses  online or by calling (855) 60-CERTIFY or (855) 602-3784. Have an employee spreadsheet? Email it to and we will handle the rest while you get rewarded!
  • Free automatic membership in the inCircle Silver rewards program after 10 student enrollments in a calendar year.
  • At the end of each membership quarter, you’ll receive a gift card for 2% of total tuition received from your referrals (we will always round up)!
  • Free automatic membership upgrade to inCircle Platinum after $40k of student enrollments in a calendar year.
  • At the end of each inCircle Platinum membership quarter, you’ll receive a gift card for 5% of total tuition received from your referrals (we round up here too)!
  • Spend your rewards or donate them to a charity of your choice. The more you train with CHC Training, the more you earn.

Rules & Regulations

  • Participation is limited to existing and new CHC Training clients.
  • Refunded purchases will be excluded from reward totals.
  • Enrollments MUST reference your name at the time of purchase in order to be counted as a referral.
  • CHC Training reserves the right to end this rewards program any time, without notice.
  • CHC Training reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this rewards program at any time.
  • While participating in this rewards program, you and your referrals agree to abide by our Student Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, and Return Policy.
  • Rewards are not valid for purchases made on third party class listing sites (Zack Academy, CourseHorse, Zota, etc.).
  • Valid registrations must equal a minimum of $90.00.



What are you waiting for?

Rewards are just a few clicks away.